The Last Straw

The last straw…

Happy Earth Day friends! What a perfect day to sit and reflect on our business and to shine a light on the things we do to reduce our footprint, lessen our impact on the planet, and brainstorm new ideas that help us be more efficient and less wasteful.

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Johnny Cash's Birthday & Special Release

It’s the original Man in Black’s birthday! To celebrate Johnny Cash’s extraordinary life, we are pleased to announce our New Release March – ‘Baritone’ Black IPA – a black IPA that is dark and brooding like the man himself. This beer is brewed with oats, wheat, and a malt bill that drives an abundance of milk chocolate & fresh roasted coffee and our generous hopping with Warrior, Chinook, and Simcoe brings resinous pine and bitter citrus to the palate. It is dark and smooth while still having an aggressive edge. Like JR this beer is truly extraordinary!

We are hosting an all day celebration and release on Sun, Feb 26th, 11am-10pm. We will be playing music from Johnny Cash and screening “Walk The Line” at 7pm. The crew from Rolling Smoke BBQ will be bringing you their scratch made, slow smoked goodies starting at 12pm! The beer will be available on draft and to go in 32oz Crowlers for the month of March. SBS members will be treated to a complimentary 5 oz. pour of the beer on Sun, Feb 26th – bring your card or wear your swag.

With every New Release of the month, we also have a selected Charity of the Month initiative to give back to the community. The month of March brings back Youth On Record. This local charity is dedicated to assisting at-risk youth to graduate from high school and prepare them for the work force through the medium of music. For every draft of Baritone Black IPA sold, we will donate $1 to Youth On Record. That’s beer drinking you can feel good about.

This event has been featured on &, it should be a grand ole' time! 

The End Of One Keg Weds & Introduction Of Something New...

One Keg Weds – what a run! Last week we celebrated 55 weeks of tapping a new, unique, and delicious weekly keg of beer. You all showed up in droves to drink these beers and to share in the journey! And while it’s been super fun to create and share this volume of work, it’s also been quite difficult. We’ve really found that while we are a very creative brew crew – sometimes creativity needs quiet moments of reflection and introspection; something that is hard for our small team when we are trying to do so much. It is with a sigh of relief and a little tear in our eye that we retire One Keg Weds as we close out 2016.  

However, you should be delighted to hear that the project is simply morphing a bit. Instead of one single keg being released every Weds, we are planning to release a new batch of beer every single month! You see, by releasing such small quantities of these beers in 2016, we weren’t able to sell any for you to take home, we couldn’t supply any to our amazing network of retail partners, and…selfishly…they were gone too quickly. By refining the project for 2017, and releasing these new batches once/month, we’ll be able to spread them out better and to share them with more people. As a brew staff, we'll be able to take our time with these beers and make sure we have laser focus from beginning to end. Plus, you’ll be able to take them home – either in 500ml bottles or in 32-oz Crowlers – depending on the style of the beer. That should be enough to convince ya, right?! We're lovingly referring to this new project as New Release [insert month name here]!

To launch the new project, New Release January features our Dry-Hopped Foeder-Aged Stringbender Saison! This beer will hit the taps on Weds, January 4th at 11 am and will be available to go in 500 ml bottles - no limit. If you tasted the beer at our Saison Festival then you know - this beer is extraordinary and we're so excited to be able to share it with you. 

Looking ahead to the new year, if one word could describe our huge list of goals for 2017… it would be refinement. We are maturing as a brewery and we’re noticing a lot of things we hadn’t noticed in our punk rock youth. We are seeing things that are paramount not only to us but, more importantly, to you. It is our focus this year to better provide those things, refine all aspects of Black Shirt, and to make sure we stay at the top of your list of places to hang out! Think kitchen (manned by a badass chef), more seating, a huge concert lineup, great events, and more of the delicious beer you love. Lets celebrate 2016 and welcome 2017! Here we go!

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