We are thrilled to be opening our kitchen and are pleased to have you all on the journey with us. Please feel free to download individual photos or the ZIP file containing all images below:

All photo credit: Black Shirt Brewing Co.

The Black Shirt Brewing Co. Team (from left to right: Chad Miller, Carissa Miller, Matthew Kender, Branden Miller)

Head Chef Matthew Kender

Consulting Chef Bill Greenwood

Chefs Bill Greenwood & Matthew Kender

The Sue - Whole roast zucchini, fried egg, mixed herb salad, roasted black walnuts, red grapes, black walnut vinaigrette. 

The Sue & Timekeeper Rye Pale Ale

The Sue

The Folsom & Timekeeper Rye Pale Ale

The Folsom - Roasted chicken, avocado, egg, Tender Belly bacon, Maytag blue, buttermilk ranch, iceberg lettuce, marinated cherry tomatoes.

The Carter - Beefsteak tomatoes, mozzarella, extra virgin, olive oil, fresh basil.

The Johnny & Semitone IPA


The Line & Timekeeper Rye Pale Ale


The Carter & Semitone IPA

The Cash - IPA BBQ sauce, roasted chicken, tellagio cheese, mango, carmelized sweet onions, arugula.

The Line - Chimichurri flank steak, creamy dijon dressing, roasted red onions, charred corn, cotija, sweet gem, mixed herb salad.


The Johnny - Red Ale roasted sausage, fennel, fontina, BSB tomato sauce, oregano.

The Cash & Frontman IPA