BSB Live Presents: 2017 Line-up

This summer, we are bringing an eclectic mix of music and events to our award winning pallet stage in our beer garden, here, at Black Shirt. These shows are free to the public and space is limited, so get here early if you want to dance! Stay tuned as we update and add more free shows!

JUNE 2017

JUNE 24, 2017

As part of our first installment of Beer, Bacon & Bluegrass with Tender Belly, we are pleased to welcome Old Fuss & Feathers to kick off the summer of live music. Denver-based Americana band Old Fuss and Feathers create fun-loving music for everyone, playing old songs with a new twist and new songs with an old twist.

JUNE 29, 2017

We at Black Shirt are thrilled to have our good friend Sawmill Joe back at the brewery performing for our Fourth of July kickoff party & Pig Roast. Please note, this is the only ticketed event in our music line-up. Tickets are $15 and get you a plate full of delicious roasted pork, home-made mac n' cheese, baked beans and more! Your ticket also gets you 20% off your first round of drinks and if you wear the colors of the American flag, there will be a special surprise for you! Joe “Sawmill Joe” Cheves is the stuff of country-blues legend. His songs are known to be simple, heartfelt, and at times angry or sorrowful. This is the stuff that comes from the roots of the roots; it’s not imitation and it’s not affectation. Vocally, Joe can go from gravelly growl to cracking high-pitch country twang in one song and the feeling and passion in Joe’s voice comes through clearly, it’s one of the highlights of the music.

JULY 2017

JULY 6, 2017


Wyoming’s Elk Tongue was conceived to create a fusion of sounds that have been called “Psychedelic Desert rock.” Being from various musical backgrounds drives them to create environments reminiscent of the past and the future. Elk Tongue is four friends who have come together to share love of psychedelic rock and roll. Denver based Hoi Ann will open and play their brand of "sad disco."


JULY 13, 2017

From the funk of West African Jive to the exhilarating tones of the lapsteel guitar, John Adam Smith combines the love of groove with a taste for edge in his roots driven, acoustic funk-rock innovations. John is currently following life's inspirations and continuing his journey as a musician and a story teller. Aspiring to keep his heart open and mind ready the changes life brings, he is in love with this opportunity to share his words with the wonderful folks who take the time to listen.

JULY 14, 2017

We will be hosting two headliners on this date. 
[Anthony Ruptak's] songs are like combines. Upon ignition, the teeth and the gears begin churning and he just throttles it out and into the open – tearing up the fields, raping the land of its bounty and leaving the earth bare and naked and ashamed, but somehow grateful." ~ The Denver Syntax

The Wonderfool is the solo music of singer-songwriter Matt Vinson. In April of 2015, The Wonderfool released the debut album, "Don't Think", & followed it in December with the sophomore release titled, "Windshield Rhythm". The music has a similar sound to My Morning Jacket, Dr. Dog, Fleet Foxes & Shakey Graves. Lyrically, the focus is to create an open-ended, ambiguous feeling that gives each song a different meaning for the listener.


JULY 20, 2017

Denver's own Mile High Soul Club draws from vintage Northern Soul, Rhythm & Blues, Popcorn, Funk, and rarities from the late '50s to the early '70s. Your soul selectors are Tyler Jacobson, Dogboy, Steve Cervantes, and Jason Heller. "We are the Heart of Denver Soul!" We will be welcoming MHSC as part of The Spins! Vinyl Me, Please + Black Shirt Brewing Co. We've teamed with Vinyl Me, Please -  a monthly vinyl subscription to bring you an exclusive listening party of this month's Record of the Month featuring the self titled album by Betty Davis. It will be a funk & soul filled evening with giveaways and lots of dancing! Come drink Southern Psychedelia - the featured cocktail that yours truly at Black Shirt created for this record! A rye whiskey based cocktail, it is equal parts sass, tart & refreshing!

JULY 21, 2017


We will be hosting two headliners on this date. 
If The Black Keys, Led Zeppelin and Crosby, Stills Nash & Young had a baby, it’d be named BOX. A BOX set flows seamlessly from light-hearted pop jams to angsty hard rock and back again.

Aloris is known for their catchy melodies, driving guitars, dynamic rhythm section, relatable lyrics, and wide range of songwriting styles. The primary focus of the band is to bring back the personality and individuality that they feel has been lost in current-day popular music.

Keane Chase Sumner writes intense country-twanged, punky folk tunes that'll make you rethink the way you look at yourself and the world around you.

JULY 22, 2017

Due to popular demand, our second installment of Beer, Bacon & Bluegrass with Tender Belly welcomes two bands for your bluegrass and folk pleasure! Timber! is high energy bluegrass inspired music from five local musicians who call Boulder, CO home.

Coming off of a landslide victory in the Westword Best of the West competition, Americana folk rockers Tomahawk Fox are embarking on an action-packed year with gigs all over Colorado, and the release of their first full-length album this spring. A band born of BBQ’s and songs sung between friends, Brianna and Mike’s simple recipe for folking hard and dancing even harder, grew to include longtime friend Zach’s finger lickin’ bass lines, and Joel’s deep fried drumsticks. Denver music blogger Bearcules touts, “if you have even one romantic nerve ending in your body, you will fall head over heals for this band.”

JULY 28, 2017

Join Hello, Mountain for the release of their new EP, containing a driving rhythm section that allows vocal melodies to flow freely throughout. 

Hello, Mountain formed in February of 2015 with the sole intention of making music, and that it is exactly what they did. The indie rock trio focused on consistent practices and building a sound together one week at a time. Influenced by a wide range of genres, spanning from the depths of Detroit hardcore/punk to 1960's soul, Hello, Mountain formed a sound unlike any that the three members had ever been a part of.


AUGUST 4, 2017

The Milk Blossoms believe in the subversive power of fragility within music, within art, within life, and within each other. Combining ukulele, expressive beat-boxing and piano, the trio blends to create dark pop music. The Milk Blossoms have been featured on Colorado Public Radio Open Air, Radio 1190’s Local Shakedown, and was named “Best Experimental” band for the 2016 Westword Music Awards. This year, they are nominated for a Westword Music Award in the “Indie Pop” category.

AUGUST 8, 2017

Part of Bike Day Any Day event with Dio Mio Pasta

Getting her start in her hometown of Durango, Colorado, Gracie Bassie has long been moved by the reggae culture and music by surrounding herself with inspiring influences that have helped her to become the confident yet humble musician/artist she is today. In 2008, Gracie bought her first bass guitar and was taught how to play her bass like a real "rootswoman" with guidance of Jamaican producer Lincoln Jarrett. Gracie's sound is a perfectly-blended mix consisting of classic old school dub tributes and her own original soon-to-be released songs with a few surprises thrown in for your listening pleasure.

AUGUST 10, 2017

Maxwell Hughes, formerly of The Lumineers, is a highly accomplished songwriter and musician whose talent and charisma has captured audiences with his unique sound, irresistible beats, and entertaining presentation. Influenced by Tommy Emmanuel and Kaki King, he also draws inspiration from rap, electronic, and video game music. Stay tuned for the announcement of our Special Guests.

AUGUST 12, 2017


Carolina Wray is a American Rock & Roll band based out of Asheville NC. The band consists of brothers Rev Wray (Guitar & Vocals) and Lo Wray (Drums & Vocals). They have released multiple albums, most recently two brand new singles recorded in Nashville TN. Carolina Wray is quickly rising and making their mark on the landscape of American Rock & Roll. 

Tyler Paul Royse (guitar player/songwriter/singer) grew up in the small town of Monticello, Indiana. He discovered the guitar, different styles of music and a different lifestyle at the age of 19. "Life is here and I want to pursue my dreams and visions while I am alive. I want to leave something behind that is beautiful and that will last forever."

AUGUST 18, 2017

New Mexican is the solo project of American folk rock musician Matt Hoffman.

In 2009 Hoffman collaborated with Trent Nelson, and the two of them formed the band Strange Americans. Their debut album, A Royal Battle released in 2012 and was received with "almost unanimous enthusiasm" in the Denver community, (ListenUpDenver). The record placed on many lists including Marquee Magazine's 10 Best Local Releases of 2012 and landed Strange Americans alongside Denver bands to watch including the Lumineers.

Since A Royal Battle Hoffman has released Lateral Moves (EP, solo, 2013), Mammoth Cave Live (EP, solo, 2014), and That Kind of Luster (Strange Americans, 2014). Strange American's third LP, Borrow You, Brother officially releases July 21, 2017 and New Mexican's debut LP will release in late 2017.

New Mexican has shared the stage with such acts as Jeffrey Foucault, Sean Rowe, and Marco Benevento. Strange Americans have shared the stage with Chris Stapleton, Shakey Graves, Old 97's, Guided By Voices, Water Liars, Cory Branan, the Mother Hips, Dead Confederate and The Both (Aimee Mann & Ted Leo).

AUGUST 19, 2017


Part of our Red Evelyn 2017 Release Party

1pm - Silver and Smoke is a Colorado grown Blues Rock band. Defining the genre of "Western Rock," the band incorporates vocal harmonies, hard-driving blues, wailing guitar solos, a stampede of drums, and a driving beat. Our lyrics are often traditional, and invoke a feel of the rivers and mountains, the beauty and infinite possibility of the west, and the life of a musician.

4pm - Dayton Stone & The Undertones is an emerging five-piece rock group from Denver. Formed within the foundations of a local open jam, their danceable sound draws noticeable inspiration from elements of blues, funk, and soul. Melodic bass lines, dynamic guitar solos, and Dayton’s driving drums create a platform for his soulful vocals and accompanied harmonies to exist on. Dayton Stone & The Undertones are versatile, memorable, and reminiscent of bands such as Wilco, Alabama Shakes, and My Morning Jacket.

7pm - Tyler Imbrey and The Ghost Review is an American band that formed in Denver in early 2015. Since their inception they have played hundreds of dates throughout the Rocky Mountain Region and Midwest. This Spring they will be touring the Western US and Europe in support of their forthcoming debut album. They will also be sharing some new singles in advance of their release in the months to come. Their music is decidedly alternative rock but pays respect to the roots with elements of blues, folk and a healthy dose of grit.

AUGUST 25, 2017

A funk brotherhood of lifelong friends and collaborators, Shakewell thumps out funk, neo-soul, and rock'n'roll bring you tectonic dance grooves radiating from Missoula, Montana.


AUGUST 26, 2017

Beer, Bacon & Bluegrass with Tender Belly is making its return for a third installment with two more bands for your bluegrass and folk pleasure! Big Time Rascals offers original and traditional bluegrass with an eclectic twist of rock, grunge, jazz, funk, country and even some Grateful Dead. "We're always geared up to show you a Big Time with our little band of Rascals."

Grassfed is a Kansas City five-piece string band. Pivoting on the foundation of bluegrass, Grassfed entwines tradition with an eclectic array of influences. Forged by songwriters and driven by instrumental conversation, the band brings a punching sound all of its own.


AUGUST 31, 2017


We are pleased to welcome back A.J. Fullerton, an award-winning Progessive-Roots singer, songwriter and guitarist raised in Western Colorado. A.J. is a multifaceted entertainer, touring the Continental U.S. full time as a solo artist, a duo/trio, & in full band arrangements. At only 22 years old, A.J. has quickly gained wide acclaim in Colorado, as well as out of state, as one of the hottest rising young talents on the scene.




In some spheres of philosophical thought, the primary distinction between human and animal is the humans overwhelming compulsion to categorize. This compulsion has lead to an steadily increasing pool of portmanteau-ized musical genres and subgenres. Of these modern descriptions Palehorse/Palerider could probably best be categorized as 'Doomgaze,' combining the styles and sensibilities common to shoegaze, but with a somewhat darker overall sound and message.

Palehorse/Palerider self released their debut full length 'Burial Songs,' in digital formats on 4 February, 2017 followed up by a 12' Vinyl release on 28 April, 2017, commensurate with a limited cassette release by Graven Earth Records, which has thus far received very positive feedback both locally and internationally.


Follow the Fox is centered around the captivating songwriting and passionate performances of Denver artists, Sarah Cole and Dylan McCarthy. Anywhere from heart-breaking ballads to hard-hitting bluegrass tunes, their spell-binding harmonies and thoughtful arrangements give them a sound all their own.


South To Cedars is a four-piece acoustic Americana band based in Fort Collins, Colorado. Described as a powerhouse of tight vocal harmony and precise instrumentation, South To Cedars blends elements of folk, bluegrass, and rock, to deliver an original brand of genre-bending tunes that honor a variety of musical styles and influences.

SEPTEMBER 15, 2017

Details. is a local DJ who spins multi genres, like, Nu-Disco, Tropical House, Indie-Dance and Deep House. When not playing playing at Black Shirt with Vinyl Me, Please for The Spins, he can be found around town playing music and creating vibes.


SEPTEMBER 16, 2017

Jack Kerowax, fronted by singer-songwriter Johnny Beauford, sit comfortably within the realm of Americana with space enough for real Country, Rock n’ Roll & Texas Blues. The band has established a powerful live sound and have been actively performing since early 2012. The seasoned 4-piece is composed of long-time collaborators Johnny Beauford & Garrett Padgett as well as father-son rhythm duo Nathan Adamson & Nash Griggs.


BSB 5th Anniversary weekend 9/27 - 10/1

SEPTEMBER 29, 2017


Kid Reverie is a new project out of Denver featuring the voice and writing of Steve Varney, guitarist for Gregory Alan Isakov and former leader of the Denver band Glowing House. Varney put together a quartet at the beginning of 2016 and began writing furiously. Based in a sound somewhere between Feist and The Black Keys, the songs are about loss, important conversations, love, war, the media, but the lyrics don't give everything away at once. While the words may often be somber, the music is designed to leave you feeling optimistic about whatever the topic. Sounds like rock, reads like folk, and it can make you dance.

The Hashtones are an American Reggae/Rock, Denver-based band. Formed in July of 2014, this trio can touch different genres of music and make it their own. Everysong served presents a behind-the-scenes view of the success’ and failures of Stephen’s life that is skillfully told. From the trials of personal relationships and the angst of growing up, to the struggles of his friends lives, his home life, and major events taking place around the world today. Their music is a journey through the mind of a conflicted yet compassionate soul. The Hashtones love for life, humanity and good times is brilliantly conveyed and displayed first hand at their over the top high-energy live performances. From big muff shredding guitar solos, to deep rolling waves of bass, to the smooth love of a one drop on a drum kit, this band has a little bit to offer for everyone's taste and love for music. The band has some of the regions most talented and experienced musicians, and each member just seems to add the right piece to the puzzle behind every song. A band you don't want to miss if you're in the Front Range area.


SEPTEMBER 30, 2017


High St. Collective is an energetic folk-rock group that synthesizes indie-pop with folk-bluegrass stylings, dishing out a sound both familiar and fresh. Brought together through neighborhood connections and serendipity, their chemistry shines during live performances and is also readily heard in their studio recordings.A culmination of folk, blues, jazz, and reggae influences offers fans a novel Colorado sound and imparts a unique originality to their compositions. The name of the band is inspired by the practice space on High Street in which they first played together and is an homage to their home town's influence on the group and their music.

Animal Electricity consists of remnants of a few former Denver bands including, most predominantly, The Build-Up. The band is comprised of four persons who play electric and acoustic music on mostly stringed or percussive instruments (no woodwinds). The band's lead singer was formerly the band's guitar player who happened to be standing closest to the microphone after the band's actual lead singer departed one night for good.

Like sunrise paints the Colorado Mountains, the high-energy grooves from Secret Creatures are painting the Front Range with vibrant sounds. Created in April 2015, coming to its current incarnation in February 2017 with Jay Burwick (vocals/bass) of Vermont based jam band, RAQ, stepping up on vocals, Angelica (vocals, keys) coming into the fold, James (guitar) continuing to shred his original funky licks, Sarah (sax) ripping melodic solos, and Eric (drums) laying down the one drop. Secret Creatures brings unique musical backgrounds together to create soulful melodies, funky rhythms, and driving beats. Blending this mix with a reggae twist, the Secret was revealed. Ride the waves of creativity brought forth by this eclectic group of musicians. Get moved by the Funky Reggae Grooves!

Montropo brings a unique, folk pop sound featuring the music and lyrics of Andrés Diaz. Andrés began writing songs in Austin before moving to Denver, where he has further developed his own particular guitar and vocal style. The last few years of writing and recording have culminated in Montropo’s debut album, “Follow Me”, available on BandCamp and iTunes.

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