Original Post: November 1, 2015

Wednesdays just got a lot more exciting! Each Wednesday at 5:00 pm we will tap a keg of one-off beer. We are talking pico-sized batches at their finest. Don't miss out, don't be late!

Often times, we incorporate ingredients into our beer that might be more familiar to a high end kitchen than a brewery. These culinary-inspired beers are often one-off beers, just to try them out, and to see and taste what the results will be. These beers are not geared to become large batches, rather they are a snapshot of a moment to be shared and enjoyed with an open mind. Beer purists need not apply. Adventurous palates welcomed!

The first One Keg Wednesday will launch on Weds, November 4th with a yet-to-be named beer created by cellarman Steve and bartenders Alexis and Courtney. The beer incorporates fresh lemon, lactose sugar, and vanilla-infused Bourbon. It's as close to a slice of lemon meringue pie in a glass that you'll ever taste! See you then!