Original Post: January 3, 2016

We've heard it for a long time...why won't you fill my growler?! The answer has always been complex; originally we didn't make enough beer; then our desire to make sure the beer you take home would be of the highest quality, and growlers are a bit of a ticking time bomb; certainly not the least of our reasons was that our tap system was too short, and most growlers wouldn't fit under the taps to be filled. We have fixed this and are excited to show you our new Crowler system!

About a month ago, we tore out the old tap system and replaced it with a brand new, 12-tap, glycol-chilled, long-draw system. All of this to say, a pretty damn nice set of taps!!! In doing so, we raised the height of the taps to accommodate growlers and have recently begun filling them. In addition, we decided that instead of ordering any more glass growlers that can very easily be broken, we would change to a Crowler filling brewery. A Crowler is a 32oz aluminum growler, filled off the taps just like a growler, and seamed right at the bar. We are doing our best to ensure that the beer you take home is as exciting and vibrant as it was directly off the tap. This means rinsing the Crowler with water prior to being filled, purging with CO2, pouring from the bottom up to minimize foaming and loss, and capping immediately on foam. This being said, we are recommending that the Crowlers filled from the taps be consumed within 2 days to ensure the beer is still delicious and not flat and/or oxidized.