Original Post: December 5, 2015

You may have seen something new in the tap room post-Thanksgiving. The artwork on the walls? No. Sara's cool pop art has been gracing the walls quite a bit lately. The new tap system? Sure. It's brand new and so badass! However, I'm specifically talking about our new glassware. New glassware?! Blasphemy, a few of you have cried. Maybe. The Offero slanted rim glass has been a signature at Black Shirt Brewing Co. However, we are always seeking to make your experience at Black Shirt extraordinary, and there's always been a little resistance to the slanted rim glasses!

Offero slanted rim glass in beer garden at Black Shirt Brewing Co.

If you've spilled beer on your shirt or blouse at Black Shirt or if you just don't like the damn glasses, then you'll be happy to know that we are now pouring our beer in more traditional glasses. We are also offering many more styles of glasses to more appropriately express our beer. No more slanted rims. Well, if you adored the Offero glass, and many of you did, then you can still order your beer in one. Just ask. Otherwise, no more slanted rims!

New Snifter Glass

The 10 oz snifter will be used for anything over 8% abv, as you would expect a bit smaller pour for the high abv. This snifter's shape, in particular it's flare near the rim, expresses beer aroma very well. Beers served in these will be on the bigger, more robust end of the spectrum.

New Tulip Glass

The 12 oz tulip glass will be used to serve any of our "farmhouse" beers. Think anything sour, wild, or rustic in nature; Electric Currantcy, Black Dog, Galaxy Farmhouse, etc.

New Pint Glass

The 16 oz Pint Glass will be used to serve our "warehouse" beers. Basically, anything fermented with American Ale yeast - IPAs, Pale Ales, Porter, etc.

The new glasses are a combination of style, tradition, excellent glassmaking, always...function. The glasses we have chosen were chosen very specifically for their shape, size, elegance, and their ability to showcase our beer. We also have a "proper" pint glass for those who "just want to have a beer." Logos are now on all glasses, which is something you all have wanted since day one. You can purchase any of these glasses too in the tap room, just ask your server or bartender and we'll wrap some up for ya.

All of this to show you that we still care, probably too damn much, and are always seeking to make your experience at Black Shirt extraordinary. We want you to feel comfortable. We want you to relax. That's what having a beer is all about, afterall. Cheers for being on this ride with us and for all of your continued support!

- Chad, Branden, and Carissa

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