Original Post: January 29, 2016

Last September I was able to visit the Pacific NW on a hop selection trip. While on that trip, cruising through Portland for a day and a half, I had the pleasure of visiting The Commons Brewery - a "European-inspired" brewery in a really amazing space. While there, I chatted with the friendly and informed bartender and had several of their low-gravity, dry, effervescent ales. As I was only in town for a short bit and had a long list of places to hit (Cascade Barrel House is just a couple of blocks away as is Hair Of The Dog!) I didn't linger too long but grabbed several bottles to take home.

Once back and well-rested, I opened a bottle of Petit Classique - a low abv Saison brewed with pink peppercorns. It was simple, playfully rustic, highly-carbonated, dry, and ultra refreshing. It was a spark. An inspiration point. When the time was right, we would create a fun, light, flavor-packed, low abv, delicious table beer that was snappy, lively, and bright. Introducing Semitone, our brand new Petit Saison brewed with sweet orange peel.

Semitone - "also called a half step or a half tone, is the smallest musical interval commonly used in Western tonal music." What a fitting name for our new "table/session/petit" Saison, right?! The beer is composed of a pretty simple malt bill, designed to fill a supporting role only. Hops are very restrained - just enough to bitter the beer without actually showing up in the glass. An abundance of sweet orange peel from a citrus farmer in Florida added to the whirlpool lends a beautiful bright and juicy character. The true spotlight of the beer, however, is the yeast. We employed one of our favorite rustic, yet refined, Saison yeast strains that produces a wonderfully dry & complex aroma, flavor, and mouthfeel. We allow the yeast a lot of time to finish it's job, and the results are undeniable.

The beer is copper-colored, slightly hazy, and topped with a pillowy off-white head. At first blush, the distinct aroma from our yeast strain evokes a different place, perhaps a different time. It smells of spice - white pepper & Ceylon clove come to mind; hints at fruit - nectarine and white peach; and draws you in so magically. On the palate, the beer is decidedly different than our "normal" lineup - it's lighter in flavor and body, with an understated elegance; it's soft but full of character. High carbonation allows it to resemble the famed Champagnes of Northern France, with subtle malt sweetness and a vibrant, snappy finish. Semitone concludes with a deceptively delicious taste that will draw you in for many more. It's a stunner. I'm warning you! Hope you enjoy the beer as much as I do! - Branden

Here are a few more pictures from that Pacific NW trip, just for fun...


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