Original post: March 6, 2016

Any Wes Anderson fans reading this blog post? If so, I hope you got the relatively obscure reference before this post. Please watch this short clip for a little back story...

Moonrise Kingdom - "New Penzance" Clip

New Penzance & Black Beacon Sound / Black Beacon Storm

Black Beacon Sound on Nitro

Black Beacon Sound

Black Beacon Sound - our Imperial Red Rye Stout - a beery tribute to the amazingly creative film director Wes Anderson - is currently pouring on one of our two nitro taps. This beer was brewed back in Sept, '15 on a cool, crisp fall day. With the leaves starting to change and the days getting shorter, we wanted to brew a robust and full-bodied beer for the unavoidable Winter days to come. We employed 10 different types of grains totalling the heftiest amount of grist we've ever stuffed into the mash tun to create one of the most hardy and sturdy beers that we've brewed to date. By incorporating nearly 10% rye into the malt bill, and pouring the beer on Nitro, we were able to create a dark, rich, and bold beer while still maintaining a nice creamy & silky mouthfeel. The beer might be unexpected from what you've come to know about Black Shirt Brewing Co, and that's just the point.

In addition to pouring Black Beacon Sound on tap, we put quite a bit away into freshly dumped Bourbon barrels for a future release. It is currently resting gently inside those barrels picking up an added complexity that is sure to set you back in your seat. Is there a Black Beacon Storm coming?! We'll see. I wouldn't count it out. Or a possible Sept release!